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Domaine Les Foulards Rouges 'Le Fond de l'Air est Rouge', Vin de France 2022

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Les Foulards Rouges "Le Fond de l'Air est Rouge"comes from 80 year-old Cinsault  at the foot of the hill of Montesquieu-des-Abères. This bottling, like all their wines, is a named after a film, in this case a bum-numbing 4 hour long  political documentary from the 70s the English translation is "A Grin without a Cat".

Vinification runs the usual natural playbook. The grapes are hand-harvested, chilled, then vinified whole-bunch using wild yeasts. This proceeds for 7 days at low temperature with some carbonic maceration.  The free run and press juices are blended, then the wine is aged for 6 months before being bottle by hand without any fining, filtration or SO2.

 Cinsault is mostly used to add some freshness to Languedoc blends, or colour to Provence rose, lesser known on it's own. But when sufficient concentration can be garnered (and 80yr old vines help) it is capable of producing delicious, silky, red fruited wines which will have lots of appeal for fans of Beaujolais or Burgundy. Think tangy sour cherry, wild strawberry, floral notes and wild streak fans of natural wines will enjoy.

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